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Ana Santos
@ Joana Patita

Traquinar means ‘playing’ in Minde’s slang.
The Traquinar project supports the integration of early childhood into nature, and it gives children back the chance to autonomously and safely play in the street. There are monthly playgroup meetings at the Mira-Minde polje with at least one carer. Exceptionally, two sessions will take place in the scope of the Festival Materiais Diversos, on October 8 and 15.
Traquinar has countless benefits, such as bringing together children of different ages to simply play, being in contact with nature and enjoying freedom, stimulating curiosity and the desire to explore, respecting the child as an individual, their rhythm, time, emotions and needs, and strengthening the immune system.
These meetings are intended for families with babies and children up to the age of seven who like being in nature and spending time as a family.
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