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Mil e Uma Noites — Saia da Cabeça de Pedra

Founded in 2013, UMCOLETIVO is a cultural association that carries out activities in the scope of artistic creation. Its pillars are the relation to the territory, the visual exploration of the word, and summoning the audience to the epicentre of the artistic object, where one transversally finds an idea of rewriting, real time and voice.
We work based on the idea of rebuilding paths of artistic and affective reciprocity, within the territories and between territories, in the development of a strategy to create audiences and educate artists.
We’ve been based at the Santa Clara Monastery, in Portalegre, since 2022, sharing the space with Teatro do Convento.
© Estelle Valente

Mil e Uma Noites is a long-term civic and artistic project that rescues the work of 20th century Portuguese women from oblivion through radio dramas. As was the case of Scheherazade, listeners are cradled and fall for a constellation of forgotten, erased, censored and tortured women.
In Alcanena, women from various generations were invited to reveal their writing activity, but also to share the stories and life contexts in which they developed it. After an artistic residency and public presentation in September, the radio theatre piece created from these voices returns to the Alcanena Municipal Library in the form of a sound installation. On 6 October, the installation will be inaugurated and there will be a conversation with some of these authors and the artistic team that developed the project. Throughout the festival and until 20 October, it will be possible to immerse yourself in these unique and little-known universes.

Testimonials by Aida Costa, Aldina Marques, Alzira Bento, Fernanda Costa, Hermínia Caetano, Maria Manuela Carvalho, Maria Teresa Félix, Natércia Maia e Zulmira Bento Texts by Alzira Bento, Hermínia Marta Caetano, Manuela Baptista, Maria Manuela Mateus Rodrigues, Maria Nazaré Vieira Nico Lopes, Maria Lucília Moita, Maria Zabeleta, Odete Cláudio, Teresa Maria Santos Félix e Zulmira Bento Performed by Cátia Terrinca and Andresa Olímpio Dramaturgy Ricardo Boléo based on literary material collected in Alcanena Research Cátia Terrinca and Raquel Pedro Set design Ana Luís Pires, Luís Costa Sound Capture and Mixing João P. Nunes Sound Editing and Mastering Ivo Reis Stage Photography Estelle Valente Creation and Production UMCOLETIVO Co-production Materiais Diversos and Centro de Artes e Espetáculos de Portalegre Partners of the Mil e Uma Noites project Dona Maria II National Theatre, São Luiz Municipal Theatre, Figueira da Foz Municipality, Campo Maior Municipality, Miranda do Corvo Municipality, BOCA Editora, Quinta Alegre structure funded by Direção-Geral das Artes supported by the Municipality of Portalegre, Teatro do Convento