Las Lámparas

Leticia Skrycky (UY)

Leticia Skrycky is a Uruguayan lighting designer and creator currently living in Lisbon. Her work focuses on dance and performance. With lighting as a starting point, she researches co-creation and relation practices between languages on stage, as well as human and non-human materials. She has started making her own pieces in collaboration with several artists (Táctil, 2017-2020; Hormigonera, since 2017; Entre, 2017; Pardo, 2014), and Las Lámparas is her first piece on her own.
As a designer, she has worked with artists such as Tamara Cubas, João Fiadeiro, Carolina Campos, Vera Mantero, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, Latifa Laâbissi & Nadia Lauro, and Doris Uhlich.

How can the eyes touch? How can the ears see? How can the skin listen? Guided by these questions, associated with relational perception ecosystems, in Las Lámparas, Leticia Skrycky seeks to provide a place for a peripheral and vibrant gaze. It is an invitation to a state of awareness that is open to welcome both the visible and the invisible.
In the scenic space of the theatre, one presents an electric choreography, where sound moves light, and light, in turn, sounds, warming the entire surrounding environment. Lights as electric bonfires, looking to trigger a primordial state of observation like the one we experience when we contemplate fire.
Las Lámparas invites us in, as a container place that allows itself to be gradually opened from the inside out, revealing itself as a space to stay and at the same time to let those visiting it… go.

research and creation Leticia Skrycky external critical view Ibon Salvador collaborations Ayara Hernández Holz, Leonor Courtoisie, Ce Pams production Carolina Goulart co-production TNT / Festival de Artes Vivas y Nuevos Formatos, Teatro do Bairro Alto residencies TNT / Festival de Artes Vivas y Nuevos Formatos; GRANER / Centro de Danza y Artes Vivas; OOPSA - SOOPA / Platform for creation thanks to Mauricio Skrycky, Joana Cardoso & Mochi, Fernando Gandasegui, Marta Echaves, Andrea Gonzalez, Núria Gómez Gabriel, Vasco Alves, Gabriela Escobar, Fabrizio Rossi, Francisco Trujillo, Santiago Marrero, and to everyone who shared their enthusiasm for Éliane Radigue and Maryanne Amacher premiere TNT / Festival de Artes Vivas y Nuevos Formatos - 28 September to 1 October 2023 images Patricia Black Las Lámparas came up in the context of Proyecto Táctil (2017-2020), a field of research initiated together with Alina Ruiz Folini.