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La Burla

Bibi Dória (BR) and Bruno Brandolino (UY)
Bibi Dória (Brazil) and Bruno Brandolino (Uruguay) live in Lisbon and have been working as a duo since 2020. They attended the second edition of the Advanced Programme of Creation in Performing Arts (PACAP) at Forum Dança (Portugal), curated by Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, in 2018. Their artistic research addresses the notions of fiction, archive and performance within the fields of choreography and dramaturgy. The first piece they created, La Burla, premiered at the Transborda Festival (Portugal) in 2022, and it has since been presented in Portugal, Spain, Uruguay and Brazil. They currently lead the workshop Tudo o que é divino degrada fundo embaixo da terra, which first took place at the Oswald de Andrade Cultural Workshops (São Paulo, Brazil) and will soon happen during the Danzafuera Festival (La Plata, Argentina), and they participate as performers-collaborators in the piece Toda a luz do meio-dia, by Julián Pacomio, which won the O Espaço do Tempo 2022 grant and will premiere in November of 2023. They also create authorial works in an independent manner and have collaborated with several local artists, such as Miguel Pereira, Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, João Fiadeiro, Gustavo Ciríaco and Jajá Rolim.
©Tristan Perez Martin

La Burla is a choreographic fiction that follows two individuals living in a dystopian reality. The coming together of sacred and profane takes the form of rituals and invocations of entities emerging from the depths. Female saints, witches, psychics, devils, monsters and heroines inhabit the imaginary of this piece, giving voice and body to an assorted medieval iconographic repertoire.
La Burla is the result of the partnership between Bruno Brandolino (Uruguay) and Bibi Dória (Brazil) in collaboration with Leticia Skrycky (Uruguay). The research for this piece raises questions that correspond to a choreographic thinking, as well as to a fictional development. We ask ourselves: What are the possible relationships between choreography and fiction?

Direction and performance Bruno Brandolino Co-creation and performance Bibi Dória Lighting and space design Leticia Skrycky Costume Design Nina Botkay Executive Production Carolina Goulart Exterior look Bruno Moreno Graphic Design Maura Grimaldi Video and Photo Aline Belfort Video Editing Ian Capillé Support GDA Foundation (PT) and Materiais Diversos (PT) through the New Materials production consultancy programme Residency Support O Espaço do Tempo (PT), Projecto 23 Milhas (PT), La Caldera (ES), O Rumo do Fumo (PT), Estúdios Victor Córdon (PT), Fórum Dança (PT), Escola Superior de Dança (PT), Casa da Dança de Almada (PT) and CAMPUS - Paulo Cunha e Silva (PT) Institutional Partner Garantir Cultura Programme | Portuguese Republic - Ministry of Culture (PT) Acknowledgements Alina Folini, Carolina Campos, Carolina Nogueira, Cathrin Jarema, Dora Carvalho, Gabriela Orestes, Gisela Dória, Joana Penido, Joana Silva, Julián Pacomio, Lara Ferrari, Luísa Jubilut, Luisina Perez, Luhdy Sardinha, Manoela Uranga, Marcelo Evelin, Miguel Pereira, Pati Black, Renata Torralba, Romain Beltrão Teule, Sofia Matos, Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, and Tamara Catharino
> This show is followed by a talk.