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Natália Mendonça (BR)
Natália Mendonça is a performer, choreographer and body coach with a dance degree from the State University of Campinas (Unicamp). Based in Lisbon since 2020, she participated in the fourth edition of the Advanced Programme of Creation in Performing Arts (PACAP), teaches dance at Forum Dança, and works on her authorial pieces and collaborations with other choreographers. She has been working on Kdeiraz, a children’s piece that plays with the creation of choreographic games, since 2021. She worked with Josefa Pereira (collaborating in the Bestiário Pink trilogy and performing in Campo-Força-Chama), Dinis Machado (performing in Cyborg Sunday) and Rita Natálio (as guest in Pass The Mic). In Brazil, she performed alongside Clarice Lima and Cristian Duarte, and for Marta Soares, the Perversos Polimorfos company and Jorge Garcia. In 2016, she premiered Marcela Banguela in the scope of the Programme for Cultural Action (ProAC) – first dance works. She was a body coach in Quando Quebra Queima, by ColetivA Ocupação (MEXE, Portugal; Panorama, France; and Battersea, United Kingdom), and has performed in Cena Brasil Internacional (Rio de Janeiro), Sesc Dance Biennial (São Paulo), IC – Art Encounter (Bahia) and Junta – International Dance Festival (Teresina, Piauí).
© Marie Fages

KdeiraZ is a dance project for kids of all ages that seeks to bring contemporary dance research closer to artistic creation for children. The process focuses on the experimentation of scenic games in order to question the excessive use of the chair in our daily lives. Calling upon Manoel de Barros when he says “the poetic word has to reach the level of a toy to be serious”, we proceed on the assumption that we want to play with the motives in order to give a new meaning to the relationship with this object. On stage, the performers are faced with a bunch of ordinary and fantastic chairs, and they find themselves curious to discover what playing possibilities each chair, in its own way and personality, enables. A giant spider chair, another one that breaks, other that hides and a dog chair. Here, the chair is the protagonist of this journey and the great propeller of endless experimentation!

artistic direction Natália Mendonça performance Josefa Pereira, Natália Mendonça choreographic creation Josefa Pereira, Mauricio Flórez, Natália Mendonça set design Marie Fages costume design Marine Sigaut sound direction and operation Cigarra sound design Cigarra, Daniel Tauszig Light creation and operation (KDEIRAZ stage version) Joana Mário production Hannya Melo e Carolina Goulart conception Dani Barra, Natália Mendonça photos Marie Fages Structure Associação Trypas Corassão - Associação Cultural residencies Residency Programme - O Rumo do Fumo, Casa da Dança de Almada, Artistic Residencies Estúdios Victor Córdon, LU.CA - Accompanied Artistic Residencies, fAUNA - habitat for creation, Artistic Residencies CAMPUS Paulo Cunha e Silva partner space A70 coproduction residency O Espaço do Tempo Acknowledgements Mozão, Maura Grimaldi