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How can we be a learning community?

with Elsa Ferreira
Elsa Ferreira lives among olive trees and cork trees in Serra da Arrábida. She founded the learning community Raízes Educação Viva in 2014. She is the mother of two daughters. She loves to study and learn about the world of innovating education, and she puts it into practice on a daily basis. She relates education, art, neuroscience, nature, travelling and knowledge.
Raízes is a living/free education project where the child is respected in all of her essence. Crossing generations, children, youngsters and adults build and experience a community dynamics whose main pedagogy is love. The project’s main goal is the well-being of the child, and as such parents or relatives are present at least half a day per week, the food is organic, most of the time is spent in nature and playing is unrestricted.
Raízes Educação Viva

The ‘long tables’ of the 2021 edition of the Materiais Diversos Festival called upon an enlarged community to discuss multiple issues. This year, the festival met with partners and other local agents to identify the issues in which they’re interested that could foster a collective discussion dynamics.
Given the existence of several families that have opted for home schooling in the territory between Alcanena, Porto de Mós and Torres Novas, the wish emerged to publicly discuss education models and their relation to children’s rights and parental rights.
In this debate, we explore what it means to be a learning community and its potentials. We invite interested people to talk about knowledge and education based on specific examples and questions they may have, and to ponder the role of the community in general in the learning processes of children and youngsters.