Habiter le Seuil

Marine Chesnais

Marine Chesnais lives on the small island of Groix, in Morbihan. In love with the sea and the relation between humankind and nature, she dedicates her work to raising awareness of the way we inhabit the world with everything that is alive. In 2017, Marine founded One Breath, a firm that aims at becoming a platform for cultural ecology, and with which she is developing the notion of bio-inspired dance.

Vincent Bruno

Vincent Bruno was born in Tournai, Belgium. After graduating in film, he started working as a projectionist in a small theatre. In 2005, he created the production company Demande à la poussière. He produced and directed several awarded videoclips, short films and documentary films. In 2008, he directed The Last Round, the first film entirely produced by Belgium Internet users. He won the Lucas Best Short Film Award with Le Maillot de Cristiano.
© Vincent Bruno

“This story is about an artistic process, nourished by the beauty and frailty of nature, propelled by scientific research, reoriented by destiny…”
Summer of 2020. Marine Chesnais, a contemporary dance choreographer and dancer, travels to Reunion Island to find humpback whales. Improvised dances arise from those interactions in the deep blue, and they’ll be a fertile ground for her next creation. This film was shot while free diving, and it is a choreographic and hypnotic journey that takes us to the underwater world, holding our breath, following the steps of this original project. By showing us the process of finding a wild animal in its natural habitat, Habiter le seuil asks what happens to us in this relational space where we don’t have control over anything—except our openness to what may happen—and questions our way of life.

Directed by Marine Chesnais e Vincent Bruno Screenplay Marine Chesnais e Vincent Bruno Image Vincent Bruno Sound Nikolas Javelle Edition Vincent Bruno Original music François Joncour, Stephen O’Malley Production Marine Chesnais Production ONE BREATH Coproduction La Manufacture CDCN Partners GLOBICE - Association scientifique de recherche sur les cétacés, Ministère de la Culture - DGC, DRAC Bretagne, LALANBIK - Centre de Ressources pour le Développement Chorégraphique Ocean Indien, LA BRIQUETERIE - CDCN,, LA CITE DES ARTS - La Réunion, C.A.M.P - Amélie-Anne Chapelain, LE HANGAR - Centre Chorégraphique Eric Languet. Other collaborations Equipement BREIER, Centre de plongée BULLE D'AIR, QUIETUDE CETACES — observation responsable des cétacés à La Réunion.