DJ Set Borga and Laurix

Borga and Laurix

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Borga is 20 years old, grew up in Caxias and studies cinema. When he mixes sound, he brings us his roots and the music he listened while growing up. Laurix was born on a Saturday on an island. She brings together images and sounds in the cinema and people and sounds on the dance floor.
Having met at the Film School, the two friends share a taste for hard beats and fast rhythms, completed with joyful and immersive melodies, on a danceable and engaging journey through afrohouse, kuduro, dancehall, funaná, Brazilian funk and reggaeton, with room for a sweet samba or kizomba swing. After the college parties, Borga and Laurix joined the Movimento Vida Justa for a special night of struggle, solidarity and lots of dancing at Sirigaita in Lisbon. On these nights, as on 13 October, the dance floor belongs to everyone.