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Dj Kino Sousa

Kino Sousa
Journalist for the international magazine "Pan African Music", Kino Sousa is also a DJ, sound and vinyl digger, and musician for dance and performance shows. Hence the diversity of his musical selections and the territories he chooses to explore: traveling freely from voodoo to candomblé, from cosmic jazz to rumba trance and to rebellious gwoka, punk funaná, crazy semba and nomadic post-punk, until songs of struggle... the soundtrack to individual and collective liberations.
"Dance tonight, revolution tomorrow!"
© Elizabete Francisca

In the second half of the festival, we’ll settle at Cine-Teatro São Pedro’s cafe concert, where one will be able to sample a few local delicacies, drink and toast, chat and dance, dance, dance… The evening of the 14th promises to be a long one, fuelled by the vibration of DJ Kino Sousa, who extends the meeting spirit of the festival.
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