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Leonor Mendes
Born in Torres Novas in 1999, she has been working as a performer and artist since 2017. She is pursuing a master’s degree in performance studies at the New York University, has a degree in dance from the Lisbon School of Dance (2020), and furthered her training at the fifth edition of the Advanced Programme of Creation in Performing Arts (PACAP) at Forum Dança, with João Fiadeiro, Márcia Lança, Carolina Campos and Daniel Pizamiglio, as well as at the P.A.R.T.S. summer school (Belgium). She highlights performing in pieces by João Fiadeiro, Joan Jonas, Madalena Vitorino, John Romão and Silvia Costa, Susana Gaspar, Amélia Bentes and Henrique Furtado Vieira, and in festivals such as CITEMOR, DDD and Serralves em Festa. In 2020, she participated in the Young Emerging Performers programme, by Espaço do Tempo and Rua das Gaivotas 6, in the piece velã, by Leonor Lopes. She co-created and performed in Sonho que não se pode quebrar e não se pode quebrar e não se…, by A.ves (2020), and À sombra de mais cabels, by Leonor Mendes and Susana Gaspar (2021). Together with João dos Santos Martins, Ana Bigotte Vieira and Carlos Manuel Oliveira, she was assistant curator and researcher for the exhibition Para uma Timeline a Haver. She has been collaborating with Giovanna Monteiro, Vicente Antunes Ramos, Andrei Bessa e Roberto Dagô since 2021, exploring collective creation methods, and working between Brazil and Portugal. In 2022, she presented her solo até amanhẽ at Teatro do Bairro Alto, in Lisbon.
Giovanna Monteiro
She explores voice, sounds, movement and composition that carry over between theatre and dance. She attended the fifth edition of the Advanced Programme of Creation in Performing Arts (PACAP) at Forum Dança, curated by João Fiadeiro in collaboration with Márcia Lança, Carolina Campos and Daniel Pizamiglio. She created the collective Comitê Escondido at the University of São Paulo, which stemmed from the desire to explore documents relating to the Brazilian political context through artistic performances. She created and performed in the pieces Não ouço passos de ninguém entre os escombros, Terra Tu Pátria and Antígona Sonora. In 2022, together with artists Andrei Bessa, Leonor Mendes, Roberto Dagô and Vicente Antunes Ramos, she wrote the text Quando não olhamos sós, an exercise based on research about writing through real-time composition, which was published on the sixth issue of Coreia, curated by João dos Santos Martins. In the last few years, she also worked in several dance and film projects with Vicente Antunes Ramos, Nazario Díaz and Roberto Dagô, João Fiadeiro, Márcia Lança, Nuno Ramos, Tercer Abstracto, Ilê Sartuzi, Alvise Camozzi and Letizia Russo, Maria Thaís, Johann Fatzer, Maíra do Nascimento, Ametonyo Silva and Francisco Salgado, among others.
Vicente Antunes Ramos
Vicente Antunes Ramos develops his artistic research in the areas of theater, dance and performance, with voice, sonorities and the use of documents on stage as the central axes of creation. He graduated in Performing Arts from the University of São Paulo with a degree in Theater Direction and was part of the Advanced Creation Program in Performing Arts (PACAP) at Forum Dança, curated by João Fiadeiro, in Lisbon. Vicente is one of the founders of the comité escondido interdisciplinary collective dedicated to scenic research, with which he has developed much of his research into the relationship with documents on stage, which has resulted in three shows and a film, not yet released. He is currently a student in the Choreography and Performance program at the Justus-Liebig University in Giessen, Germany.

Based on stage directions from classical theatre texts, this work seeks to revisit the households spaces of those texts, and the ‘house’ imagery they carry. Two performers play with the words and the time, thus creating other spaces, characters, relations. As this constructing and deconstructing game unfolds, a question is left hanging: What can one imagine based on these words that were written not to be spoken?
This work stems from the meeting between Leonor Mendes (Portugal) and Giovanna Monteiro and Vicente Antunes Ramos (Brazil), benefitting from the artistic collaboration of Isis Andretta (Brazil) and the support for regional creation of the Fios de Meio programme in 2023.

concept and performance Giovanna Monteiro cocreation and performance Leonor Mendes cocreation and direction Vicente Antunes Ramos artistic collaboration Isis Andreatta Lighting design Matheus Brant Production (Brazil) Leonardo Birche Graphic design Pedro Levorin Video Lucas Damiani Support Materiais Diversos (Fios do Meio support), Fundação GDA Residencies support Forum Dança (PT), Cine-Teatro São Pedro de Alcanena (PT), Centro Cultural do Cartaxo (PT), Teatro Municipal de Ourém (PT), associação SÙ (BR), Casa do Povo (BR)