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Corpo Comum

Marta Tomé
She has a degree in Dance (Escola Superior de Dança, 1997), where she worked with choreographers such as Clara Andermatt, Amélia Bentes, Rui Horta, Antonnio Carallo, Martin Vrany and Rui Pinto, among others. She attended open seminars on the Performing Arts Management and Production course at Forum Dança in 2010.
She has performed in projects by Clara Andermatt, Tânia Carvalho, Vera Alvelos and Vortice Dance Company. She provided choreographic assistance for Vera Mantero's Dance for Musicians piece, with António Pedro and the Euterpe Meiaviense Philharmonic Band (Virginia Theatre, 2016). As a choreographer, she created and produced for the Virginia Theatre's Labcriativo (2014); Uma carta sobre a Dança (2015); O Fio e a Meada with live music by Vasco Ribeiro Casais, co-production Virginia Theatre (2016); Shadow, at the Entroncamento Cultural Centre (2018).
In 2007 she set up the cultural association O Corpo da Dança - Estúdio de Dança in Torres Novas, with a dance training and project creation component. In 2019 she created BlackBox'19, a co-production of Teatro Virgínia, a project with consultancy from Elisabete Paiva, Inês Lampreia and Andreia Carneiro from Associação Materiais Diversos (2014-20). Since 2016, she has collaborated regularly with Materiais Diversos to lead movement workshops.
Raquel Senhorinho
She has a degree in Dance, Creation and Interpretation (Escola Superior de Dança in Lisbon) and has trained with various teachers and choreographers such as Teresa Ranieri, Madalena Silva, Madalena Victorino, Barbara Griggi, Amélia Bentes, Graça Barroso, Margarida Bettencourt, among others.
She has also attended training courses in the areas of theatre, costume design and production. In 2009, she took part in a Bolsa Educativa seminar, where she supervised creative dance classes for primary and secondary school classes, with Ana Silva Marques as her pedagogical coordinator.
In 2010 she was a performer in the dance project "Terra-Chão" by Marta Tomé, in a co-production with Teatro Virgínia. In the same year, she attended an artistic residency at O Espaço do Tempo, in Montomor-o-Novo, under the coordination of Rui Horta.
Since 2007, she has been a teaching assistant and dance teacher at the Escola de Dança O Corpo da Dança in Torres Novas, and at various schools in the area (Entroncamento, Riachos and Alcanena), in kindergarten, primary and secondary classes. In 2014, she became the artistic and pedagogical director of the Alcanena Dance Studio, where she has worked as a teacher and choreographer. She has collaborated on several choreographic works for the Municipality of Alcanena.
© Catarina Louro

We’ve been carrying out art workshops on a regular basis at the Alcanena schools since 2017. We started with a group after school, and we now cover every fifth and seventh grade class in an increasingly closer dialogue with the teachers in the classroom.

In their various editions and formats, these workshops, which are now organised as a project—Corpo Comum [Common Body]—, seek to value diversity as a heritage and a right, aiming at broadening the range of possibilities for these children and youngsters, and at contributing to their self-esteem, sense of belonging and critical thinking. The body (as the first place of existence) and dance are the basis of every session, but one also resorts to writing, drawing and debating to expand the ways in which they express themselves, question, create meaning and establish relationships.

In this exhibition, we unveil to the community, especially to the families, the work carried out during the 2022/23 school year, which drew inspiration from the topic of ‘happiness’, in the hope of ‘rendering the invisible visible’ and building a shared knowledge, a ‘common body’.

Conception and Coordination of the project Materiais Diversos Conception and development of the workshops Marta Tomé and Raquel Senhorinho Exhibition curators Marta Tomé and Raquel Senhorinho Supported by Alcanena Town Council, Alcanena School Group