Companionship and Collaboration – Art Practices for Sustainability

Carolina Cifras (CL)

Carolina Cifras is a researcher, performer, creator and performing arts teacher with a degree in arts and dance pedagogy from the Arcis University (Santiago, Chile). She has been performing for several national and international contemporary dance and theatre creators since 1990, among which stand out Nuri Gutés, Paulina Mellado, Javiera Péon-Veiga, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Rodrigo Perez, Almudena Garrido, Francisca Morand, Claude Brumachon and Amanda Piña. From 1994 to 2005, she was a member of the Choreographic Centre in Nantes, led by Claude Brumachon. She teaches dance and creation at the University of Chile, Major University, University of Valparaíso, Arcis University and Modern School, and she founded the dance school in the University of the Americas.
As a researcher and creator, she highlights the pieces 2010, which was nominated for the Altazor Award, Pampa, Oropel and Peso Muerto. The focus of her work has been the way in which the being/body is traversed and affected by Chile’s social and economic situation, and it deepens in the concept of necropolitics (Achille Mbembe) and its material and immaterial dimensions.

Clara Antunes (PT)

Clara Antunes is a cultural manager with a degree in architecture (University of Lisbon), a post-graduate degree in cultural programming and management (Lusófona University), and a master’s degree in cultural studies (Catholic University of Porto). She has an interest in and explores the role of culture in the struggle against climate change. She has been producing, assisting artistic programming with the communities, communicating and managing cultural projects with several institutions and independent artists since 2010, among which Vo'Arte, Jonas&Lander, Materiais Diversos, Madalena Victorino and Giacomo Scalisi, Rua das Gaivotas 6/Teatro Praga and Ponte 9 Plataforma Criativa/Open House Macau. She has taken on the management of the European project Stronger Peripheries: A Southern Coalition, at Artemrede, since 2021. Together with choreographer Ricardo Machado, she co-created the performing lecture on climate change Take a Stand (2019-).

Simone Frangi (IT)

Simone Frangi is a researcher and writer, working at the intersection between critical thinking, curatorial research and education. He currently teaches contemporary art theory at the Higher School of Art and Design in Grenoble (France), where he founded and coordinates, together with Katia Schneller, the research unit Artistic Hospitality and Visual Activism for a Diasporic and Post-Western Europe (since 2015). He is co-director of Live Works – Free School for Performance at Centrale Fies (Trento, Italy), and he runs A Natural Oasis? A Transnational Research Program with Alessandro Castiglioni. In 2021, he became senior curator of Mediterranea 19 – School of Waters. Em 2021, he co-edited the anthology Colonialità e Culture Visuali in Italia (Mimesis, 2021) with Lucrezia Cippitelli.
Javiera Piriz

In 2021, we developed an immersive sharing space for professionals in the festival, which was backed by a collective and silent hiking practice. Following on that, this seminar deepens companionship and collaboration practices between participants. Carolina Cifras, Simone Frangi and Clara Antunes lead the way.
Carolina Cifras designs a lab to try out ecosomatic practices to apply on artistic research and creation. Simone Frangi intends to reconsider curatorship, questioning notions such as care and hospitality from an intersectional perspective. Clara Antunes challenges us to envisage another future in the face of climate and ecological collapse, and to reflect upon the way in which the artistic experience can generate alternative forms of knowledge. If accompanying can be sharing the path (given that ‘company’ comes from the Latin cum + panis, with whom to share bread, and later assimilates the idea of walking with), who are we willing to get on with?
General program:
Arrival > Morning of 11 Oct.
Laboratories > Oct 11 → 13, 2pm > 5:30pm
Shared practices > 12 → 13 Oct., 10am > 5:30pm
Extra program:
Oct. 12, 6 pm — Long Table How far will we follow these rivers?
12 Oct., 9:30 pm — Screening of the short film Habiter le Seuil
Oct. 13, 9:30 pm — Show Boca Fala Tropa
Departure > 14 Oct.
Culture professionals, from artists, curators, researchers, programmers, producers or other interested people.
Maximum 15 registrations.
Via ☺FORM☺ by September 11
Includes: accommodation (in a dormitory), meals, tickets for a debate and cinema session (12th) and Boca Fala Tropa show (13th), transfer between Alcanena and Centro Ciência Viva do Alviela on arrival and departure.
We offer 5 registration grants to participants from the Centro Region who demonstrate the importance of participating in the seminar in the context of their current work.
Applications will be considered valid upon receipt of the application form and payment.