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Cleaning Paths at Polje Mira-Minde

Mira-Minde Movement
The Mira-Minde Movement aims to stimulate a transition from an industrial economic model to an ecological and sustainable one. It is located in the middle of the Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park and has as its common heritage the towns of Minde and Mira de Aire, the Mira-Minde polje, classified as a protected wetland by the RAMSAR convention. The Mira-Minde Movement considers it essential to embrace the ecological cause in order to move towards the quality of life for its people.
It defends the natural and urban territory, values local culture and history and brings the people of the two parishes together around a Mobilising Imaginary based on a community consciousness that cares for the environment, through the development of a transition movement towards a circular and ecological economy.
Movimento Mira-Minde

Since 2019, a group of volunteers has been cleaning footpaths in the Mira-Minde Polje. These paths used to be the pedestrian routes between the two villages and, with lack of use, they have become impenetrable. The work of this voluntary movement has allowed the network of paths to be progressively restored, making the polje a more visited, safer and even more beautiful place.
This network of paths is constantly growing and needs constant maintenance. We invite you to join the Mira-Minde Movement and make your contribution to restoring the polje paths.