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chica & band

© Ricardo Gomes

chica’s music is the result of a political and personal implosion that lands on the most obvious place: the song. Brincar com o Cão (2020) was the first single of her solo project. Where everything is said before being thought and one imagines the spaces we’re not granted. The key element of her music is dialogue: from the lyrics to the sound built on an exchange of genres and approaches.
In 2022, she released her debut EP, Cada Qual no seu Buraco, which was produced between Minho and Lisbon over the course of two years. The songs were written and conceived under the disenchanting effect of having the door of adult life slammed in one’s face. One easily recognises an everyday drift in the houses, streets and complaints thrown on the table. This work is thus the record of such disappointment, but also of realising that “days follow one another and better days will come” (Fausto): daily managing the survival in the cogwheel and the contempt one has is mandatory for those who know there’s much more.

Music and lyrics chica Sound arrangements Bá Alvares, chica, Francisco nogueira, nëss, Samuel Dias Vocals, Piano and Guitar chica Double bass Bá Alvares, Francisco Nogueira Drums Samuel Dias Production Luís Severo, chica