Black Box 2.0

Estúdio de Dança de Alcanena

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BlackBox is a choreographic creation training and development project. It was started by the association O Corpo da Dança, and it was later extended by partnership to the Alcanena Dance Studio (established in 2014). A black box where the possibilities from several universes arise in each unique choreography.
Over a three- to four-month period, choreographic compositions are developed in the studio, and in the week before their public presentation, the students go through a residency period at the theatre, working together with its production team on the technical assembly. A unique experience creating and producing performances.
The general research topic defined for every choreographic work in the 2023 edition was literature, involving the choosing of texts or poems. The creations that will be presented at Jardim da República in the scope of the 2023 Materiais Diversos Festival arise from that topic.

artistic direction Raquel Senhorinho choreographies and interpretation Dance studio students of coreographic composition rehearsal and backstage assistance Mariana Sábio, Nancy Brígida production support Isabel Senhorinho, Leonor Jorge, Inês Lacão, Madalena Fernandes production Plateia Presente, Estúdio de Dança de Alcanena partners Município de Alcanena, Cine Teatro São Pedro, O Corpo da Dança and Materiais Diversos