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In this edition of the Festival Materiais Diversos, we are taking another step towards making our programme accessible, namely to people with reduced mobility and Deaf people.
The programme takes place mostly in unconventional spaces, the result of local partnerships that have been established over the years, with the aim of valuing the territory and its heritage. Ensuring that we are moving towards greater accessibility, we have worked to involve our partners in the same goal.
Throughout the programme we have identified the accessible spaces, accessible toilets and reserved parking for vehicles with a parking permit/card for people with disabilities. Further information on access, toilets and alternative parking is available on our website.
All the presentation spaces have spaces for people with reduced mobility. The shows Decadencia (5/Oct) and Boca Fala Tropa (13/Oct) have interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language.
Tickets are free for disabled people and their companion or carer. For more information about accessibility, please contact us via email or by calling 917 830 050.