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Founded in 2013, UMCOLETIVO is a cultural association that carries out activities in the scope of artistic creation. Its pillars are the relation to the territory, the visual exploration of the word, and summoning the audience to the epicentre of the artistic object, where one transversally finds an idea of rewriting, real time and voice.
We work based on the idea of rebuilding paths of artistic and affective reciprocity, within the territories and between territories, in the development of a strategy to create audiences and educate artists.
We’ve been based at the Santa Clara Monastery, in Portalegre, since 2022, sharing the space with Teatro do Convento.
João P. Nunes

One hundred years ago, Judith Teixeira wrote Decadência, a set of love poems ploughed in the inflamed silence of the flesh. Luísa Demétrio Raposo now says, with flesh and blood, that ‘all writing is sex’.

What is this heat that sets women on fire and revives them transformed?

Decadência is a performance about fire that brings us closer to a woman who burns up in words—”there’s fire in the fire where she levitates / she levitates inside her skin”. Can we ever respond to the historical violence of the gesture of whomever burns a woman for having loved? Who burns who, after all?

A performance by UMCOLETIVO Co-produced by Centro de Artes e Espetáculos de Portalegre, Materiais Diversos structure team Bruno Caracol, Cátia Terrinca, João P. Nunes, Raquel Pedro, Ricardo Boléo, Rui Salabarda and Sara Afonso, with Luísa Demétrio Raposo and Patrícia Andrade a structure funded by the Direção Geral das Artes Supported by the Municipality of Portalegre, Teatro do Convento
>Talk about the show on 6 October at 6 pm.